Alright everybody, I’ve decided that after far too long of not doing anything with this, I’ll begin taking on a new approach.  I will not just be posting my fanfiction, but also works that I’ve written, and critiques of other works that are sent to me.

I’ve often given help to aspiring writers, and read things for people when they need an opinion, so I’ve decided to expand it over onto this blog and channel in some new traffic from other places.

If you have anything you’d like help on or even just want to talk story plots, send me an ask and I’ll get right to you.  Hopefully the new blog will be easier to navigate and I’ll see what I can do to improve it later as well.

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Yato sat outside in the tree beside Hiyori’s house, suppressing a shiver from the cold and watching in on Yukine as he slept, or tried to sleep rather. He could feel the kid’s restlessness as he tried to pretend he was alright, and honestly, it pissed him off.

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My lord. I can't stop reading your works. You're my new favorite author. ❤❤

*U* oh sweetie, you’re my favorite human now.  Its kinda funny cause on AO3 and fanfic im also this username, but i never put any of my new works on here cause I forget… maybe I should update this a bit…

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hey do you know any good steamy fanfiction (or do u write one), im a straight girl and i love being eaten out. because im so in the mood but i cant find any story that can make me touch myself.

*U* believe me my darling i can help you, however straight fanfiction might be a problem, however male on male would be no problem at all.






Now some of my favorites that I haven’t written:





I have so many more but that’s a good place to start.  Unfortunately the only straight fanfics i know of are femdave stridercest, and daverose, sorry.  Hope this works hehe.

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“Leave us” the Empress said to the guards posted in front of the prisoner.

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"Are you sure you want to?" Karkat asked, his voice barely over a whisper for once.

"mhmm" Nepeta purred, laying back on the bed. The small talk ceased as their lips found each other. they began moving hurriedly and with passion, sliding hands down to their nether regions without hesitation.

"Fuck" he grunted as he felt his hands begin to shrink up.

"Nnnnn, AC wonders if the attractive man on top of her is close" she moaned as he pushed a finger into the softness of her nook.

"CG is um, excited? fuck it the answers yeah" the way her hands were working over him was beginning to make the process faster, he could feel his back scrunching up and turning redder.

"I want you in me" she gasped as he continued to work his fingers expertly.

"I’m so close" he gasped as his legs began shrinking, the final stages coming forth as his head was brought in closer to his body, hands separating into only two segments like claws. with a moan he turned fully into the crab. she spread her legs and gasped at the texture of him as he crawled towards her nook, spreading her as gently as possible and crawling in. She arched her back, near screaming from pleasure as his little clawed feet poked and prodded, going farther and retrieving her egg. He snipped it out of her with his claws, earning a gasp and a rush of blood. crawling out quickly it was not fast enough, he turned back into a troll halfway through, she screamed in pain as she split, Karkat held the fertilized egg out in front of him, not daring to let it slip away now.

"K-Karkat?" Nepeta whispered faintly.

"Nepeta I’m so sorry" he cried as the blood continued to leak from her,

"I-I hope our child has, your eyes" she murmured before passing away into realms further than the dream bubbles. Sobbing Karkat clutched the egg, still unable to get out of Nepetas body,

"I promise I’ll take care of you" he whimpered, "I promise".

It wasn’t that hard to find the annoying kitkat, Dave just followed the trail of anyone who was absconding fast, with the look of pissed off and offended.  The dream bubble turning from Derse into Prospit.  He shivered a bit, feeling a disturbing presence.  The red menace was close by.

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Everything had happened in a flash.  Your back was instantly against a wall, hands running all over you, a tongue on your neck that showed no sign of stopping till it had turned you as gray as a troll with all the bruises, and last but not least, your ever present predicament  happening in your pants as a knee grinded against them.

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This is supposedly taken place on the meteor during their escapade of trolling the humans, before like, half the people died.

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Karkat froze, this was bad.  He just heard the shower shut off, soon his moirail would be out.  But by the look of everything around him, he would hardly be the same person when he entered.

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